Talk is cheap, actions are worth more.

Happy Tuesday. I hope your week is off to a great start. If not, you’ve still got time to turn it around!!!

If you guys can’t tell, I struggle to post weekly on my blog. 🤦🏽‍♀️ It’s not that I’m not writing because I am. It’s just that I’m focusing so much on writing Try Me Not’s sequel, You Tried Me, that I don’t make extra time for my blog. BUT I’m working on changing that!!!

With that being said, I’ve decided to try something new. Awhile back I received this little “Believe” box as a gift. Inside it has 30 inspirational cards that you pop open. The cards have quotes on them that hit home for me and I know some of y’all can relate. My goal is to post one quote a week, right here on my blog. I plan on talking about what that quote means to me and what I take from it; good or bad.

Today’s quote is:

Being a writer(or any artist), this is so important! It’s so easy to get discouraged or listen to those voices that tell you you’re no good. A lot of people give up on their dreams because they don’t have enough people believing in them 😞

I’d be lying if I didn’t have people tell me that I wasn’t any good, or that I won’t have anyone buy my books, or that I should put writing aside and focus on a real career. I’d also be lying if I said I didn’t get discouraged from time to time and believe what others said. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ It can happen to the best of us.

My support system is freaking phenomenal! Words cannot describe how much they do for me, how much they help me, and how much they inspire me. Once I finally published Try Me Not, all I kept hearing from everyone was “I knew you could do it”. I had no idea exactly just how many people believed in me. I always had people say they supported me, but without a published book, how can you really tell? Once I published, I truly saw who my supporters really were. All the shares, likes, thoughtful comments, brought tears of joy to my eyes. My heart is so full because of the support I’ve received from others who aren’t just close friends and family! ❤️

So whatever your passion is, whatever dream you want to make into a reality– find you people who believe in you and hold them close. Appreciate and love them.👌🏽 When it comes to those who don’t believe in you, try your hardest not to let their disbelief make a home in your mind, but definitely don’t let their words into your heart.🙅🏽‍♀️ Allow their words to be fuel to your fire and burn baby, burn!!🔥Show them exactly why they should have believed in you. Show them how their negativity only motivated you, pushed you, helped you. We need our haters just as much as we need our supporters. It’s called balance, honey. 😉

Be easy, stay blessed.

Jessica 😘

P.S. I believe in you. Yes, I’m talking to YOU!


Just what I needed.

This past weekend was my best friend’s bachelorette party. Eight of us women stayed in a cabin in the woods (literally—I wasn’t looking for a serial killer or anything though 👀🤷🏽‍♀️).

We ate some good food, did old time pictures, and went to the wax museum. We had such a great time!

The morning we left, my best friend and I decided to go down to the lake that was by our cabin. I wanted to try out my new camera!!

As I was taking pictures, I felt a peace come over my mind and spirit. I breathed in the fresh air and closed my eyes. I felt so happy and full. I could feel the creative juices starting to move around in my mind. Once I got home, I was able to dive right into “You Tried Me” the sequel to my book”Try Me Not”. I’ve been trying to work on it for weeks and couldn’t.

Going on this lil vacation and celebrating my best friend, was just want I needed to refill my cup; it had been empty and I didn’t realize. BUT now, my cup is full and I’m not just gonna give to those who won’t give to me!!!! So even if you can’t go on a mini vacation, go to a park or something and unwind. It’ll be so worth it and you’ll feel better!!!!

Be easy, stay blessed.

Jessica 😘

Dentures by 35…

Happy Tuesday to you 😊

This month is flying on by and I’m here for it. What I’m not here for, however, is this tooth pain.

One of the many annoyances of PCOS along with hair loss and acne, is having weak teeth. I don’t know if it’s because of the hormonal issues, the thyroid issues, the medication, or a combination of all three, but my teeth are so weak. They chip and break off so easily. Sometimes I don’t even notice it. By the time I do notice my chipped tooth, it’s way past saving and has to be pulled.

The pain that comes with it has to be the absolute worst pain ever!! It keeps me up at night, makes eating hard, and has me rocking back and forth like a baby. The pain is so excruciating that I’m almost begging the dentist to pull it. And this is coming from someone who suffers from chronic pain on the daily. I’ll take my headaches and back aches over this ANY DAY! Y’all don’t understand how annoyed I am with my teeth. I used to love my teeth and my million dollar smile. I mean I still love it, but I’m afraid I’ll smile too hard in a picture and my teeth will pop out. (kidding…well kind of)!

Bottom line of this post? Take care of your teeth no matter what! They are important and getting dentures is pretty expensive. 😂

Be easy, stay blessed.

Jessica 😘

P.S. I’m heading to the dentist today which is why I made this post. So be thinking of me today LOL

Because Why Not

So it’s been brought to my attention that people don’t understand why I share so much of my personal health issues. Most people feel that health issues should be kept private. I, however, feel the need to share mine. Why? Because why not? It’s not like I share every little detail or anything.

When I first started my journey with PCOS, I shared a lot of the symptoms I was having that lead me to the doctor. Because of my blog posts, someone else was encouraged to the doctor and seeking answers to her own health issues. THAT is why I share what I share. If I can help at least one person, I feel like sharing my personal health issues was worth it.

In the beginning, I felt so scared and alone. If my blog, social media, or me talking with people could make anyone feel less scared and alone, I’ll be happy and feel like my purpose is being served. I know God didn’t give me this writing ability to keep everything to myself or to just write good books. He made me who I am for a reason. I believe that reason is to help people in one way or another. 🙂

I don’t mind talking about what I’m going through. If you ever feel like you’re alone, you can always reach out to me and we can chat. I’m super chill and a pretty great listener. As long as I’m alive, you won’t ever be alone through your struggles! It doesn’t have to be just PCOS related, it can be anything– I’m always down to chat! I just wanted to throw this together real fast while it was on my mind. The week is almost over and we’ve made it this far!! Keep going.

P.S. see the hawk that comes to visit me at work? He makes me happy so I figured I’d share him with y’all.

Be easy, stay blessed.


Totally and Completely Vulnerable

Today has been a rough day for me on the emotional side. I don’t know why, but I feel pretty emotional. It all started with my lunch– I’m still trying to eat better so I can lose weight, but I almost could’t stomach my lunch. I started this day happy and excited because I had actually brought a healthy lunch! But when it came to eating, I literally felt like I couldn’t swallow it. I grew up a picky eater and the food that I need to lose weight, is so nasty to me. Go freaking figure.

Since I have been on this weightloss journey, I have not only been trying to make a lifestyle change with my eating habits and working out, but also with my mind. I’ve done my best to avoid the “why me” questions. But today… I seriously felt like “why me? why do I have a body that hates me? why do I hate the food that I need to lose weight?”

I’m scared that I’ll never lose enough weight to be healthy. That I’ll never lose enough weight to have a baby. I’m scared that I’ll give up and say “screw it I don’t want to have a baby, I don’t care anymore.” However, I CAN’T. It wouldn’t be fair to my heart because having a baby is sooooooo important to me. Literally up there with my writing.

I’ve gotta be strong. I’ve gotta fight through this and be patient with myself. It’s not going to happen overnight and it’s going to be hard. Today isn’t an easy day and that is okay; hard days will come. I have to cry it out (which I’ve done a lot of today), sleep it off, workout, whatever I need to do. Then get back up tomorrow and try it again.

I’m extremely vulnerable today, but I wanted to share this with you because even strong people have off days too. We need to be reminded that we aren’t alone and that it’s okay to cry. We need to remember that even though we are strong, we are allowed to show our weaknesses. Because afterall, we are human. If you ever feel like giving up, don’t. Take a break for the day and try again th next day. Keep trying over and over until you have the results you’ve been working so hard to reach. It’ll be hard, but it’ll be so worth it in the end. Keep up the good work and make sure you take it easy on yourself. Be proud of yourself for even small victories because those matter, too! Most importantly, love yourself!!!!!

I’m always here to chat if anyone ever needs to, don’t be afraid to reach out. Be easy, stay blesssed.


Living a Sureal Life

Hey all. This is my first blog post as a PUBLISHED AUTHOR!!! Crazy, huh? For me, it really is. I mean I always knew I’d end up being a published author. But with all the setbacks I had over and over, I felt it wasn’t my time. To be honest, up until last month, it wasn’t. Then a switch was flipped and every single thing started to fall into place. It was exciting and scary at the same time!!

I woke up Sunday morning on Feb 3rd with an email that changed my life forever. My novel was approved and ready to purchase; I self-published my novel, Try Me Not, on Amazon!! I couldn’t believe what I was reading. My heart started to race as I woke up my boyfriend and told him and our boy. Both of them were excited and happy for me. For the next few hours, I was on another universe. I was making posts to Facebook and blowing up everyone’s phone/messenger with the news. I wanted everyone to know that I FINALLY DID IT!!

I didn’t expect it to be as popular as it was; everyone was talking about it!! Not that that wasn’t what I wanted because it was. But as I’ve mentioned before, people say they will support you but don’t always mean it. However, the support I’ve recieved has been so overwhelming and unbelieveable. I seriously cannot believe so many people have bought my book, liked my author page, or shared some of my posts!

After 20 years (yes, I’ve been writing since I was 8), my dream has finally came true. Never, ever give up on your dream. Fight, cry, scream, walk away from it for a few months if you have to, but NEVER GIVE UP. Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams and keep pushing. All that hard work will pay off and when it does, let me tell you… that feeling is undescribable!!!

Be easy, stay blessed

love always,


There’s a little in all of us.

When I talk about my writing, people look at me like I’m doing the unspeakable. They are always like “oh my gosh, how do you do it? I could never write.” I mean, I sit down and just write. People act as if writing is the hardest thing in the world. I’m pretty sure being a brain surgeon is definitely harder. However, I will admit there are days I can’t seem to form a sentence, or my characters have decided to go on strike and avoid talking to me, but seriously, writing isn’t complicated. There is no secret to it. I didn’t take a magic pill one night and wake up with the ability to write. I just sat down one day and started to write what was in my head. Now we are here.

I do believe that each and every single one of us has the ability to write (if you wanted to). It’s just a matter of taking the time to do it. I know you have some crazy ideas that roam around in that big brain of yours, but you just don’t have the desire to put them down on paper. And that is perfectly fine because writing isn’t for everyone! I just believe each and every one has a piece of a writer deep inside of them.

I’m not writing this to downplay what we, as writers, do. Nope, writers are pretty damn amazing. I’m writing this to tell people that despite popular belief, I am human (not some supernatural being just because I write).

Writing comes easy for me (most days). If you’ve ever wanted to write, whether it be journaling, blogging, or novel writing, feel free to reach out to me. I can (try to) help! Talking about writing with others inspires me to keep working on my own writing!!! You can reach out to me on here or you can look me up on social media. Trust me, I’m nice and I don’t bite!!

Be easy, stay blessed.