Dreams, don’t you have them?

Good morning!! Hope your Thursday morning has started off decent enough to get you through the work day! I know I needed my coffee this morning (I did not want to get up)!! 

I wanted to talk to you guys about dreams. We’ve all had them, right? Now let me clarify, I’m not talking about the dreams you have when you are sleeping. I’m talking about the dreams you have for your life.

I’m sure they’ve changed since you were five, right? Maybe not! Maybe you’ve had the same dream your whole life, have achieved and are living it! I know I’ve wanted to be a published author since I was eight (and I work every single day to achieve it). 

I don’t just have one dream; I have many! Nothing wrong with that, right? I don’t think so at all. Each and every one of my dreams I’m passionate about: writing, having a family, photography, makeup. 

I recently had someone tell me that having that many dreams was a bad thing. Wait, what? I was shocked. How could something that makes me so happy and bring me so much joy, be a bad thing? I let it go at the time, but it just kept coming back in my head, over and over. So I started to reallythink about it. 

My conclusion? Do whatever makes you happy! Forget what people think and do you, boo!! If it brings you joy, give it your ALL! Life can be nasty, depressing, and scary. Why not take away those ugly things and replace it with something that brings you joy?? Life is hard for everyone so if having a ton of dreams or passions that make your life happier, I say go for it! You may get busy (like everyone in the world does), but you make time for the things you love! Do I write everyday? Nope, but I’m always talking or thinking about it and that alone is enough to make me happy because I’m so passionate about my writing. 

Be passionate. Love hard. And screw other people’s negative outlook or comments on YOUR life. Don’t let anyone hold your pen and write your story because they aren’t happy with how theirs is being written!! 

I’ll leave you with that! Butterfly kisses. 



Changes =)

Hey beautiful people! Just decided to pop in and share with you some things I’ve been working on. I was going to do a ‘Tea Time with Jess’ section for my blog, buttttt I decided on using that for something better!!!!

I’m using ‘Tea Time with Jess’ for my Facebook live makeup videos! I’m really working on expanding my network on all platforms! I want to be more than JUST Jessica. For those of you that follow me because of my writing, I want you to know me more than just as a writer. Same goes for those of you that follow my photography OR my makeup stuff!!! I want those of you who are far away (implying that I’m gonna be knowing worldwide) to feel like you actually, really know who I am as a person.

I love reading and there’s been many times that I’ve read a book and then watched an interview or followed the author on some form of social media, and they seemed like two different people. Now I’m not saying that the author should be the same in person and with their profession. I’m saying, I want you guys you guys to know me both professionally AND personally!

I am very passionate about the things I love; it’s only right to share that passion with others! I do most of my posting/networking via FB, but I am working on branching out more. What are your favorite sites to use? I have an Instagram, but I don’t get a lot of interaction so I don’t really use it (which is probably why I don’t have a lot of interaction, huh?). I have a Twitter and Snapchat too. I am working on building my YouTube channel for my makeup! So if you love makeup and want to see me work, look me up (Jessica Grundy)!!!

I’ve gotta run, but stay tuned. I’ve got a lot to talk about and to share with you guys!!!!!

Butterfly kisses.


A little something Different

Good morning and happy Saturday! How are you spending your Saturday? Mine will be spent working on some things for my blog, figuring out some things with my lil’ makeup business, and then I’m gonna try to get some edits in BEFORE work! I am jealous of those that get to stay home this weekend! We had a lil’ ice storm last night and the roads are kind of slick, but I still have to make the drive to work.

Anyway, enough bitching about that. About time I tell you guys what I want to do with my blog! I’m super excited about it because my past blogs I’ve just sorta wrote at random and while that is all good and well, having a lil’ structure does a mind good too! When I was thinking of a name for this blog, a writer friend of mine suggested the name ‘Tea Time with Jess’. I loved it and almost made it my blog title until I stumbled across the name I have now!

I loved it so much, I’ve decided to do a ‘Tea Time with Jess’ series! I want to take many different topics and write about them on specific days. For example, Monday’s will be Romance and I’ll write something different about romance each Monday! I am still working on the scheduling and the topics, but I’m super excited about it!!

If you have any topic ideas drop them below and I will add them to the list! I want this to be very interactive, so please, don’t be shy!!!  That’s all for now. Butterfly kisses.




Why did I choose this name?

Hey there. Hope your Sunday afternoon is going well. I’m working on some edits, Reptar (my dog) is currently looking out the window at the neighbor, the kid is playing in his room, and the boyfriend is playing his game. Pretty relaxed over this way; just how I like it! I don’t get many Sunday’s like this so I cherish them greatly!

I decided to write to you guys and explain what my blog title means to me. I am HORRIBLE at coming up with names or catchy phrases. I reached out to some people through Facebook and got several really good ideas. It was getting tough to choose from, then my boyfriend suggested the title, Avoiding the Backspace and I knew it was perfect! No, it wasn’t just because my boyfriend said it, but because it holds a deeper meaning to me.

Throughout your life, you change. Even if you are unaware of it, change is there! It could be something as simple as you getting a new favorite sports team or maybe something you ate as a kid is disgusting to you as an adult. Like when I was a kid, my friends and I used to eat bologna and jelly! Yes, you read that right, bologna and jelly sandwiches! Gross, right?

Anyway, those are simple changes that you may or may not even think about except for certain times. Even if you don’t notice, other changes are there too! You are living your life so you become wiser and smarter than you were just seven years ago. I’m not saying that is a bad thing either, change can be good!

Avoiding the Backspace means (to me): You can’t erase your past, BUT you can add to it. Everything that happened in my past (good and bad) made me the strong, fierce woman I am today! When I’m writing I try not to backspace a lot. I try to just keep on writing until I come to a stopping point or finish that thought. Then I go back and correct my mistakes. It can be like that in life, too! No matter how bad of a mistake is made, you cannot just hit a button and it vanishes. You can, however, correct those mistakes. Mistakes are a valuable part of life if you are willing to learn from them; they can really help shape and mold you.

I’m not perfect and my past isn’t all sunshine and butterflies (though that paints a pretty picture in my head), but I’m ME! I’m living, learning, and growing each and every day! I hope my blog may help one of you, too, in one way or another!

That’s all for now. Butterfly kisses.



First blog post

So now that you’ve stumbled upon my blog, you are probably wondering what it’s really about huh? To be honest, it’s gonna be totally random and all over the place, but that keeps things interesting, right?

I’ve had a blog before, but I decided I wanted to refresh my blogging and try a new platform. I’m already loving this blog so much more and I just created it! 😉

I do hope you enjoy reading what I write. Feel free to leave me comments too!! I love being able to interact with my readers! I am currently working on getting my first book published so you will hear a lot about that. I am also getting my makeup business through LimeLight by Alcone set up as well so I’ll be talking about that too!

It’s getting late and I’m rambling so I’m gonna let you guys go. Until next time.