Lock away your tongue 

I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say,don’t say anything at all”. 

I understand sometimes that’s hard to remember. Like when you are scared or angry, the emotion takes control and things will fly out of your mouth before you have time to really think about what you are going to say. 

I feel I can deal with that because I understand how it works. What I cannot deal with is someone deliberately saying hurtful things!!! I’m not saying you shouldn’t express your opinion; never stop expressing it! But you should never express your opinion in a way that it could hurt others. You should  always choose your words wisely especially if what you need to say isn’t the prettiest. 

I honestly don’t care If you don’t agree with my decisions for my life, but you will respect me enough to voice those options properly! Come at me with some sense and we might be able to have a decent conversation about it. Come at me twisted with hurtful things, the conversation will end faster than it started!!!! 

Moral of this post: don’t be a dick; think before you speak! ūüôā


Let’s Bond


It’s Wednesday so you all know what that means: Fun Things with Jalen!!!

Today we had so much fun! We started the day off with a big breakfast and a fresh bath. Then we started getting ready for trip today! ¬†Where are we going? He has been begging¬†us to take him to Chuck E Cheese forever, so that’s where we went! He played lots of games and got 92 tickets! He got to bring home four new little toys. We had a blast, honestly. He was so well behaved and seeing him so happy made me so happy!!

I am honestly so grateful for our Wednesday’s together. Him and his dad will always have an unbreakable bond (of course), but I want us to have a strong bond, too!! Things are so much different now than they were when I first met Jalen and I couldn’t be more pleased. I feel it growing every, single day. He is such a smart and loving boy; just what everyone needs!

Often times stepparents get a bad rap. People think negatively of stepparents because (in some cases) they don’t have the best interest of the child first. They are usually more worried about the child’s biological parent. However, that’s not the case for me. Jalen doesn’t see his mom every day, but there has bbeen several times I’ve been with him when he’s seen her. I will never talk poorly of Jalen’s mother to him. I will never deny him the chance to see her. I am not that type of stepmom. I want him to have a relationship with her,¬†not just because she’s his mom,¬†because it could really affect him when he gets older.

I grew up without my bio dad and it had a tremendous¬†affect on my childhood and to be quite honest, my adult life, too. I often felt like something was wrong with me and that was why my bio dad didn’t love me. Of course, as I grew up, I realized that wasn’t the case at all. I know it had nothing to do with¬†me,¬†but I didn’t understand. To be quite honest with y’all, I still don’t understand and probably never will. It’s not like I don’t know who he is, I do. But I really feel like we just aren’t meant to be in each other’s lives. I actually know if he loves me, or ever did.

But I know for a fact that my stepdad does! From the day he came into my life, he showed me that. I know that I didn’t always see it (of course), but looking back it shines so¬†brightly. He taught¬†me so much through the years. But he taught me something that I never knew I would need. He taught me how to be a stepparent! Because of him, I knew what it was like living with a stepparent; on the opposite end. Now in a stepparent role, I realize how tough things could have been for my dad. I have experienced some things that are testing my strength. No matter how tough things get, it is all worth it because of Jalen.

That’s all for now.

Butterfly kisses.