Friend or…?

Its been a minute since I’ve wrote, so why not jump back in it with something that really pisses  me off!!! LOL Are you my friend? Are you my acquaintance? My enemy? My family? Or are you something all together different? 

We’ve all got those friends who no matter what y’all gonna always be friends. Like y’all go through some pretty tough shit, but always work it out. I’m not talking about those friends. .This post is about those friends who really don’t give a shit about you anymore. Maybe at one point in their lives, they did, but then life kept going on and they have more important things to do then care about you. You know they aren’t too busy for FB, Snapchat, or other friends, so you start putting it together: it’s not that they are too busy, it’s just they are too busy for YOU. 

That’s fine and dandy because not everyone is gonna always make time for you (hint, that’s how you can always tell your true friends from the fake ones). But what realllllllly grinds my gears are the fake ones pretending to care. Posting on your social media or in a message “omg girl I love you and miss you so much. We need to hangout soon”…Knowing good and darn well they have zero intentions on actually hanging out (and they probably don’t love or miss you considering you haven’t spoken to them in years). 

You know those people that don’t care about you until something is going on? Like you never hear from them about anything in your daily life. But that moment something big comes up (that you’ve been talking about for awhile, they just never pay any attention to you), they try acting all concerned and crap. Be the first one like “omg are you okay. What’s going on”. When they just want the gossip or drama, not actually caring what’s going on in your life. 

Im just tired of it and I’m gonna stop pretending like I don’t see it. So don’t get mad when I stop referring to you as my friend and treating you as such..You don’t deserve the title. Honestly, you are just waisting my time and my time is precious. 😘

P.S. If you get mad at me for it, it’s not because you are actually mad at me. It’s more of a pride thing because you got caught and someone called you out on it.

P.S.S. this entire post could be about fake family members too. #IJS