Fake supporters are real, too.

Hey guys so I’ve realized something here lately and I’ve wanted to talk about it. For me, but mostly for those fake supports I see.

If you didn’t know…I’m a woman of many dreams. My first love is writing (of course), then there’s photography, and lastly is makeup.

Yes, I have a job as a nanny. I’m working on publishing my books(yup, more than one). I’m a part-time photographer (only cause people won’t book lol), and I sell makeup for LimeLight by Alcone. Yeah, all of that on top of being a wonderful girlfriend and an amazing stepmom (fur mom too). You’d think I’d be losing my mind and not have time for anything, right?

Wrong! I know how to manage my dreams in a way that works for me! So since both my makeup and photography businesses are slow going, I’m diving face first into my writing. Seems simple enough, huh? Then when a photo shoot comes up I dive into that. Same thing with makekup. It works for me. I’m a woman with many dreams and desires. The strongest desire to be a stay at home mom (with my passions as my income) fuels my fire.

So naturally I’ll have people who don’t understand tell me I “have too many dreams” or that I’ll “never make them all come true”. I just smile and say watch me!

I have a good amount of friends who say they support me in my dreams. I was wondering just how real their support was so I started paying attention to my posts on social media. I also started paying attention to how they respond when I talk about it: was it a fake response? Did they really seem happy for me? Do they really care?

You know what I found? They aren’t anywhere and no, they really don’t care!!! Not on my social media posts about my writing, photography, or makeup. They aren’t boosting my posts on my author or photography page. They aren’t sharing my posts to their friends and family. They are telling me “oh I don’t have the money to buy a lipstick or book a photoshoot” but I see them online posting about going out drinking, eating, partying. Then they are in my inbox wanting : free books, free photography shoots, and free makeup. How can I live off my dreams if all of my “friends” want everything for free??

I also noticed some embellished responses because they don’t care about the process or all that I’ve done to get where I am. They just care about the end result where I’m published, established, and able to give them stuff for free.

Now this may sound like I’m bashing my friends. I’m definitely not. Those that really do support me will know I’m not talking about them. It’ll be those fake supporters who will be offended by this post.

You don’t have to prove your support to me; your actions do that for you. I know who supports me and who’s a fake. I write a lot about my supporters and what they mean to me. Figured I’d go ahead and write about those fake ones so they know I know who they are and can stop taking credit for being a supporter! 😉

Support me or not, it won’t stop me from busting my ass everyday to make these dreams a reality ❤️ thanks for reading!!

P.S. hope you give me a follow and come read again.


When Your Doctor is Proud

Hey guys, how is 2018 treating you all? I hope it’s being nice to you so far and if not, kick its ass!!! 2018 is going to be OUR YEAR =)

As most of you know, I’ve been dealing with PCOS (and a thyroid issue) since around April of last year. Well, that’s when I found out about it, at least. I probably had it for longer than I knew.

The doctor that I had, I loved! He seemed to be getting me on the right track. I knew it would be a long process, but I was prepared for it. I was ready to take the necessary steps to get healthy for me, my family, and our future. After seeing him for several months, he told me he was moving back to Kansas (we are in Missouri) to deliver babies. Ironic, eh? So he transferred me over to a new doctor, who I heard was pretty awesome.

I was excited and bummed because I would have to start over from the begging with her. When I finally had my appointment, I instantly loved her and was so happy she would be my new, current doctor.  She was upping my thyroid medication and wasn’t as dead set on me losing 160 pounds in order to have a baby. She suggested doing a low carb diet to help me lose weight.

At first, I didn’t think I could do the low carb thing; everything I loved was carb loaded! Bread, pasta, potatoes, etc basically my whole diet had to change. I hated it at first, but with the constant push I got from those around me who really loved me, I was able to do it! I was able to drop  28 pounds!!!  My doctor was said she was proud of me and to keep up the good work! That was just what I needed to hear!!

It’s not hard; the low carb diet. All I do is carb count. My boyfriend gave me a carb limit and I look at the carbs in everything I eat and subtract from that. I’ll write a whole post about how I do it soon! So make sure you check back if you are struggling with weight issues yourself.

It’s 11 days into 2018 and I am feeling more hopeful and stronger than ever. I am determined to make this my best year yet!!! I hope you all do the same because it’s a good time to be alive!!!! Thanks for reading!

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