It’ll never be ENOUGH..

Hey there. Hope life is being kind to you, and if not, take control and make it be kind.

So I’ve been on this lifestyle change. I’ve been working hard on my diet. It’s challenging and I often want to say “screw this” and just eat my emotions. BUT I don’t because having a baby and being healthy for my family is VERY important to me!

I’ve kind of hit the weight loss plateau..not losing anymore weight. I’ve been making myself get up around 6am to workout. It’s been going good so far! I don’t scold myself if I don’t do a workout. I just try harder next time or later that day. I’ve been working out three days a week– I know my body and that’s doing good considering the amount of pain I’m in. Gold star for me!

I nanny for a little boy and yesterday we went walking. I wanted to do a lil jog to finish out our walk. These guys driving by slowed down and laughed at me. I was ashamed, embarrassed, and I wanted to run faster past them.

Instead, I looked them dead in the face and ran past their car going the speed I’d been. I said to myself “guess they’ve never seen a fat person run before”.

AND that is why it’s so hard for bigger people to WANT to workout and lose weight. We already feel like shit and then the world doesn’t help. People are nasty. Society has everyone thinking people should look a certain way. News flash it doesn’t work like that !!!

Many people don’t know my story. Nobody knows the pain I have EVERY SINGLE DAY just because I’m awake. Nobody knows the battle I go through during a workout. Each person’s journey is different; no two paths will be the same. I’m here to tell you to keep going on your journey NO MATTER WHAT. Set goals. Reward yourself. Set more goals. Repeat over and over until YOU are happy where you’re at.

It won’t be easy. There will be days you want to give up. There will be days you do give up. It’s okay! Each day is a new day to try and try again! Don’t do it for anyone but YOU because if you do, no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, it’ll never be enough for anyone else. If you need a friend, I’m here. Together, we can first conquer our fears, then our bodies, then the world!!!

Thanks for reading 💖


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