Why do I share my story?

From the very beginning, I’ve wanted to be open and honest with you all about my weight loss journey. A lot of people don’t understand why. I figured I’d go ahead and explain it to you!

I’ve been dealing with being overweight my whole life; my weight has been a pretty big issue even before I realized how big. I would always be too embarrassed to talk to many people about it because everyone close to me was skinny. I just accepted my weight and wouldn’t do anything about it. As I started getting older, I started doing workout videos and following fitness people online. But one thing that always stood out to me and bothered me was : They were all skinny or really fit!!!! None of them looked like me!!! I felt like I could never move or look like they do. I always wished they had workout videos with “fat” people in them so I wouldn’t feel so out of place!!

I started trying to reach out to some of the fitness people online to get advice on what I should be doing to lose weight. And let’s be honest, I didn’t wanna talk to anyone close to me because I was embarrassed about not being more knowledgeable when it came to fitness and eating healthy. Most of the people I tried to talk to didn’t even respond (figures, huh?). The ones that did, weren’t very helpful. Most of their responses were along the lines of “you just gotta do it anyway” when I told them it was hard for me go workout because of pain. Like, I get it, but when someone is struggling and reaching out, you could find a better way to say it. Then the worst part about reaching out is most of them were with some sort of workout program and would just try to sign me up for supplements or shakes. Nah, I’m good on that! (I’ve got more of those types of messages since I’ve shared my story than anything and it’s slightly annoying. I appreciate what y’all do, but financially I just can’t afford to invest that much into shakes and supplements right now. I need to invest in becoming a more healthy eater first).

I have been keeping a weight loss journey journal and it helps SO much!!! Each day I log all of my food, drinks, and exercise. I also add my weight and if I was under my carb limit. I’ll take a picture of my journal and make a post explaining exactly how I do it!

After many searching, I finally found a lady I could talk to who 1. Was a bigger woman. 2. Didn’t try to sell me anything. 3. Had PCOS. She talked about her journey and even complimented me on mine. It was really nice!!! I decided that although I’m not a professional or anything, I want to be an open book so I can help others!! If something worked, or if it didn’t work for me, I’ll share it! If you ever need someone to talk to about weight loss, low carb dieting, or PCOS please reach out. I will gladly help you in any way I can! You can email me at grundyjessica@outlook.com with questions or if you just need a judgement free place to vent. I do get a ton of emails so try to have “blog follower” or “PCOS” (or anything else catchy) in the subject line so I’ll know it’s not spam!

As always, thanks for reading. 😙