Hello friends, it’s been awhile. How is it going? Good, I hope! And if not, it’ll get better…it has to, right? 😏

Life has been kicking my ass lately. Got up, it kicked me back down. Then it proceeded to kick me while I was still down. I had definitely reached my limit. I felt as if I couldn’t take any more hits; felt as if I couldn’t get up either.

God showed me I was stronger than I thought. He also showed me that despite my own independence, I do have people I can depend on. I just don’t like it. I don’t like being on other people’s time. I definitely don’t like not being in control.

The Lord knows this about me and I feel that’s why he put me in this situation I’m in. It’s not about me not doing for myself or others, it’s about how others should be doing something for me. For once. I’d run myself thin for others before they would even lift a finger for me. BUT God said not anymore. I learned that I should only do as much for others as they do for me. Give and take, not just take and take.

I don’t like feeling as if I’m being a burden to others. God is showing me that just because I need help from others doesn’t make me a burden. He’s teaching me to fully lay my worries down to him — I was so stressed and worried sick about things and it was attacking my body. I had prayed about it over and over, but what I didn’t do was let go and let God handle it. I’m still a work in progress but He’s not done with me yet.

I know it feels as if sometimes it’ll storm forever, but the sun will shine again!! Until then, learn to embrace the rain!!!

Be easy, stay blessed. Jessica ❤️